Type of service
Trip around the city – up to 40 minutes
30 euro
Each extra 20 minutes
15 euro
Trip throughout MKAD (in addition to the tariff above)
1 euro/km
Pick-up from the airport (parking free of charge) includes 40 minutes waiting free of charge
70 euro 
Drop off to the airport60 euro
Pick-up and drop off from/to the train station (in addition to the tariff above)10 euro
Transfer (airport to airport) includes 40 minutes waiting free of charge100 euro
Transfer (city-airport-city) includes 40 minutes waiting free of charge100 euro
Courier service up to 60 minutes (each subsequent 20 minutes 15 euro)45 euro
Car service beyond МКAD (each 20 km)10 euro
Minivan service – charges above x 1.5 


- All prices are in euro. The payment can be made in rubles  at the CBR exchange rate on the payment day.

-From 22:00 to 7:00 minimum charge is 1 hour.
- If the car is already at a pick-up destination and the customer cancels, the customer is responsible for full fare.
(minimum travel time) – 40 min.
- Customer is responsible for any damage to the interior/upholstery of the car.  Cost will be determined by a detailing service.



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