Dear Ladies & Gentelmen!

Greetings! The transport company "Gennady Taxi-service" offers the following services:

-Taxi in Moscow and throughout the Moscow region
-Taxi to/from various local airports
-“Sober Driver” Service
-Delivery service
-Cars for wedding/celebrations
-Taxi for excursions in Moscow and throughout the Moscow region
-English-speaking drivers and operators (no additional charge)

We offer You:

-    Business-class cars only
-    Reliability
-    Individual service
-    The trip on MKAD ( the Moscow ring road) at no additional charge
-     Air-conditioned cars at no additional charge

Our company “Gennady Taxi-Service” is a unique team of  like-minded individuals providing service to private and legal entity.

Methods of payment:

-    cash
-    pay on account



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